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Anonymous asked: I've missed you pretty lady! It seems like you're doing well xx

aw thank you <3 been having ups and downs but hoping everything will be okay xx

Anonymous asked: If he makes you happy, stay. Don't forget about the perfect moments you's have together when things seem impossible. Of course this is going to be hard but just remember the good points when things are at their worst. All the best to the both of you x

he makes me happier than anyone ever has. im just scared i will lose him :( thank you x

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My life is literally crumbling around me

You know, its probably just a year since the last time i said in my room uncontrollably crying. And yet here i am again. On the 12th of January 2013 i met the most amazing guy who honestly changed my life. I never ever thought anyone could make me so happy. But he did. I can’t express how much he means to me and i want to spend my life with him. People are forever telling us we are the perfect couple. But we have one thing that is eating away at us right now. I am so use to being the person suffering from a mental health issue, and now being on the opposite end of it is killing me even more. Every day i watch the person i love struggle. Every morning i wake up with the fear that my boyfriend will kill himself. I try so so hard to stay strong for him, i try so hard to understand, i try to remember what its like to be in his position. But i’m human, i lose it. i get angry. i cry. I have nobody there for me. I had fake friends for long enough and i can’t do it anymore. The person that means most to me in this world is breaking my heart and hurting himself in the process. 

I promised i would support him. And i feel like a failure. He tells me i am because i lose it sometimes. Because it gets too hard and i just want him back. I get insulted by my family because they say i do too much for him and that he will never change. But i can i step back and let him fall deeper into depression? I say things i shouldn’t, yes maybe true, but they make him worse. I just need someone who understands what its like to support someone suffering from depression, I feel alone. I feel like a failure. I feel like no matter how much i help i will still lose him. 

I recovered from my demons. I am strong. But i losing the will to be strong for both of us, and that breaks my heart even more.

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